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At we offer a wide variety of training seminars and educational courses to get you up to speed in the foreclosure process and in real estate investing in general. We hire the best real estate experts to provide you insight into all aspects of the business. We even offer free training throughout Florida and North Carolina.

Enrolling in one of our classes is a great way to ensure that you invest wisely from the very start. If you're interested in finding out more about investing in foreclosures, we provide a listing of free seminars in your area. On our website we list dates and times, course descriptions, and background information on all of our instructors.

Our courses teach you how to break into the real estate market and make money off even your first investment. We teach you about the foreclosure process from the ground up. We explain the foreclosure timeline to our students in easy to understand terms. If you're buying a foreclosure for the first time, we teach you how to fill out forms properly for the most efficient purchase.

In addition to the basics of the foreclosure process, our training courses provide you with useful tips for getting the best possible deal and making the lowest possible down payments. We also provide tips for contacting prospective sellers, and becoming a full-time real estate investor. Beyond that, we help prepare you for negotiating with bank officials to get a home out of foreclosure.

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